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eGovernment Applications
TCGME is one of the local lead runners contributing toward the eGovernment initiative of Kingdom of Bahrain. Our technical solutions and applications are extensively used by various ministries and government organizations of Bahrain and many number of its eServices are catered to the public thru Bahrain's national portal - www.bahrain.bh.

The intangiable expertise we gained in building government solutions since year 2000 is transformed into a rich repository of knowledge base and constantly shared amoung new generation employees. This added advantage of TCGME expertise is effectively utilized in building unique enterprise level governance applications deployed over multiple interconnected network zones, communicating seamlessly.

Integration between different and multiple ministries is the corner stone for TCGME eGovernment solution. Success to meet all the requirements and providing different approach for such requirements was one of the main concerns and challenges that TCGME faced.

TCGME has a solid and handson experience in providing the following features within the eGovernment solution.

Bullet Automate the required approval process between different ministries and within
Bullet Identify & Automate exchange information between different ministries
Bullet Identify & Automate manipulation data between different ministries and within
Bullet Provide different integration mechanism such as realtime integration, batch integration, on trigger integration, push and pull integration etc.
Bullet Provide single point of collection for such integration requirements based on mutual agreements between different ministries
Bullet Provide an open architecture solution for such integration requirements regardless of the backend database engine of each ministry
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