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TeN is the product offshoot of UST Global (UST), a leading provider of end-to-end IT services and solutions for Fortune 500 companies across the world. UST Global employs 6000+ employees and boasts of SEI CMMi Level 5 and PCMM Level 5 certification.

TeN’s integrated learning management system, TeN iLMS Solution is designed to facilitate the creation and nurturance of learning environments in organizations. It provides a generic, highly customizable platform to suite the requirements of various types of organizations, such as manufacturing and software companies, financial institutions, governmental organizations and non –government organizations. The ONLINE LEARNING MANAGEMENT solution combines effective course creation and delivery systems with online QUIZ and assessments and feedback systems, a digital repository (digital library) system and a suite of tools for communication, collaboration and groupware applications.

TeN iLMS is designed for both Internet and Intranet based corporate e-learning and training. Collaborative authoring and publishing of multimedia rich courses, audio & video streaming, uploading readymade content complying with AICC and reuse of existing content can be done. Online evaluation such as quizzes, assignments and grading are possible and other facilities include provision for Glossary, FAQs and trainee activity monitoring. The product also has a flexible Video Learning Content creation tool. Power Point presentations and text can be integrated and synchronized to video and audio

The functionalities in TeN iLMS are role-based. Depending on the role, appropriate features/functionalities are available to the user. Some roles are context-specific while others are system-wide roles.

Apart from all the regular modules like Administration, Course Management, Facility Management & Reporting, TeN iLMS has got a robust Competency Management module for managing competencies of users and create training plans based on that. .

Competency mapping is the process of identifying the skills, characteristics and behaviors needed to perform a role effectively. These maps can be aggregated to form the map for an individual, project team, business unit or an entire organization. Competency maps are important to many of the key human resources management functions. They are essential for proper hiring, evaluation, succession planning and for guiding training and development. TeN iLMS solution has an inbuilt robust competency mapping feature.
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